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Stretching Exercises for Students

Back pain, muscle aches, and spasms are the indispensable parts of the student’s life. Regular physical exercise may the only way to relieve tension, eliminate painful sensations, and improve overall well-being. If you are too busy to go in for sports and your only question is, “How can I just do my homework and have time for myself?” you need to keep reading.
Stretching is one of the most beneficial and helpful types of exercises for students. Even a simple, 15-30-minute training can considerably enhance flexibility, decrease muscle tightness and eliminate painful sensations in the body. Additionally, it is inevitable to mention that quality stretching before the workout may increase its efficiency and contribute to safety.
Why are stretching exercises so important for students? Tight muscles can lead to serious injuries and limited body movements. Therefore, physical activity is inevitable for those, who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Students, who want to eliminate pain and muscle tightness to enjoy a productive life, should improve muscle length and keep them healthy.
A full-fledged stretching session may take up to 30 minutes, which is enough for an average student. Start with the upper point of your body and move down. Feel every centimeter of your body, hold the stretch for 20-30 seconds, and repeat the same exercise several times. If you have no idea what, to begin with, a little cardio warm-up will never be odd. Check out the top 5 simplest and most efficient stretching exercises that will be beneficial for students.

Cobra Pose

Painful sensations in the lower back bother the vast majority of students. Cobra pose is one of the most efficient and easy-to-accomplish exercises that help to relax and eliminate body pain. Lay on the floor face down, relax the lower part of your body, then raise your chest and hold the position. You will feel a pleasant tension from the very top of your neck and up to the bottom of your feet.

Knees to Chest Exercise

The exercise is ultimately beneficial for students, who have problems with the lower back and hips. Each one of these body parts is exceptionally important for students, who need to sit long and walk much. Lie on the back and extend your legs. Move one knee to the chest, keep the other leg straight.

Frog Stretch

Striving to relieve back pain and enhance the flexibility of inner thigh, frog stretch may be the top choice. The exercise is useful for people, who like to sit with the legs crossed, as it targets problem areas, such as hips and lower back. Start of four, slide the knees wide apart, shift the hips back, and keep the pose.

Butterfly Stretch

Stronger hips, thighs, and back are the dream of every student. The butterfly stretch is halfway to the achievement of your goal. Sit on the floor and put the soles of your feet together. Use the abs and press the knees as low to the floor as you can.

Toe Touches

An exceptionally simple, though useful exercise will help you relax and relieve tension in your back. Sit down on the floor, extend your legs, and keep your back straight. Make an effort to reach your toes with the tips of the fingers and hold such a position.